Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions are places of interest where people visit because of their cultural value, history, natural or man made beauty and amusement opportunities.People who visit these places are known as tourists.

Tourist attraction sites include monuments ,zoos, museums, national parks, forests,waterfalls, buildings e.g. sky scrappers,cultural events,attractive beaches,Islands e.t.c

Tourist attractions provide the visitors with a memorable experience and some may charge a reasonable admission fee to its visitors or may be  for free.  Tourist attractions may also be created in memory of legends and heroes,ethnic communities may also be classified as tourist attractors a good example is the black British neighborhood in Brixton London.

However some tourists attractions have a tendency to be of low quality and charge extra fee for their goods and  services in order to to profit excessively from tourists thus one should be very careful while choosing a tourist attraction site.

Outstanding Natural Wonders

Denali (Mount McKinley), Alaska
Mount McKinley is the highest mountain of United States. It is also known by the name Denali which means “The Great One”. It has two important summits, one is the south summit and other is the north summit. The South Summit is the tallest one, while the North Summit has an elevation of 19,470 feet (5,934 m). Mount McKinley is visited by millions of tourists each year for hiking, and to arrange camps. Those who are adventure lovers like mountain climbing; this is the most attractive mountain range for them.
The Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. It is considered one, among the seven natural wonders of the world and the most astonishing landmark in Arizona. Every year more than five million visitors come to South Rim to enjoy the beauty of nature whereas North Rim is a remote place which are mostly covered with snow and closed during winters. Various sports are available here like hiking and walking tours, which allows the visitors to see the beauty of Grand Canyon at a slower pace.
Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California
Yosemite falls is the highest waterfall in North America. It is located in Yosemite National Park of California. It is the 6th highest waterfall in the world. Yosemite Falls actually consists of three separate falls: Upper Yosemite Fall (1,430 feet), the middle cascades (675 feet), and Lower Yosemite Fall (320 feet). There are countless waterfalls in the Yosemite Valley and it looks best in the spring season when most of the snowmelt occurs.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established in 1916 and is situated on the island of Hawaii. It consists of two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This park provides to its visitors the amazing views of hundreds of lava tubes, steam vents, sea arches, cracks, and caves, as well as active craters and calderas. What makes this park the most popular tourist attraction is the best chance to see red, active lava so closely & safely.

Hawaii Natural Wonders

Since the turn of time, Hawaii has always stood out as a very popular tourist attraction. Hawaii is indeed a spectacular place with natural wonders of its own. The world’s tallest sea mountain and also the most active volcano in the world are found in this place with the hula and modern surfing it is famous for. Several factors make this a great tourist attraction even though it is the union’s youngest state and also the youngest geological formation of the world.
The warmth of Hawaii with its aloha spirit is something everyone who hasn’t experienced it, wish to have along with the perfect temperatures of Hawaii. The six major islands in Hawaii are the Hawaii Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai. Every one of these islands has its own distinct personality and has its own amazing sights, activities and adventures for visitors to the islands.
Kauai for example is the fourth largest, but the northernmost and oldest of the six islands. Time and elements have shaped jagged cliffs, sharp mountain spires, emerald valleys and amazing tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls and forking rivers. A true paradise with wonderful outdoor activities such as hiking trails, zip lining above lush valleys, kayaking, snorkelling and much more, make this island a tourist attraction of note.
A natural wonder on the Hawaii Island is in the Hawaii Volcanos National Park. The most active volcano in the world, the Kilauea volcano offers tourists to witness primal process in the creation and destruction and thus a major tourist attraction. Hiking trails through volcano craters, rainforests and deserts, a walk-in lava tube and much more makes this island extremely popular.
The island Maui has its own park, the Haleakala National Park and also the highest peak in Maui. The world’s most beautiful and unforgettable sunrises are experienced from this amazing tourist attraction. Horseback riding and hiking are two of the many things to do on Maui.

The Wonders of Asia

Asia is a very diverse continent with hundreds of tourist attraction which rate among the top in the world. Some of the top Asian attractions include:
? Great Wall of China is a magnificent work of art.
? Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a very popular tourist attraction built in the early 12th century.
? Intramuros is along the southern bank of the Pasig River in Manilla, Philippines.
? Taj Mahal of India always remains a top tourist attraction.
? Mount Fuji with its majestic beauty hardly needs an introduction.
? Forbidden City located in Beijing, China.
? Red Fort in Delhi, India
? Mount Everest also needs no introduction as one of the earth spectacular natural wonders and landmark of Nepal and Tibet in China.
? Digambar Jain Temple located in Delhi, India.
? Kamchaka Volcanoes in Far-Eastern Russia between Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean.
? Rajpath runs between the National Stadium in the East and the Rashtrapati in the West and one of the grandest avenues in the world.
? Tokyo Tower is the alternative to Paris’ Eiffel Tower and one of the greatest tourist attractions in Japan.
? Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo, Japan is famous for it’s religious overtures to pay respect to the gods.
? Chanhdeokgung in Seoul, South Korea is one of the nation’s prides with its magnificent architectures and enthralling gardens.
? Uileungdo Island is a beautiful island filled with beauty, wonder and lovely scenery in South Korea.
? Casa Manila with its rich history for tourists visiting the capital of the Philippines.
? Taal Lake and Volcano in Batangas, Philippines.
? San Agustin Church in Manila, Philippines designed in Spanish Baroque architecture was built as early as 1587 and the first stone church in the Philippines, very rich in culture and history.
? Tughlaqubad Fort is built in AD 1321 and a must see attraction in Delhi, India.

The World’s largest Urban Wonders

Any tourist when planning their next holiday always looks for the best tourist attraction in the country or city they plan to visit. When visitors are in a country that has one of the natural wonders of the world, they are sure to be visiting it, but there are several urban wonders in the world that are a major tourist attraction. An urban wonder is not always what you may think it will be as it has to be a pioneering or very unique creation in an evolving and expanding metropolis. It will be an integrated part of the city and will make the city stand out as an important and amazing urban centre. Some of these urban attractions are:
Passeig De Gracia in Barcelona is one of the world’s most unconventional architectures and most important shopping boulevard in Barcelona. This architecture is a major tourist attraction with no straight lines and irregular shapes which are totally fascinating. The aesthetic uniformity of the four main canals, the Grachtengordel Canals in Amsterdam adds to the charm that makes Amsterdam one of the world’s most charming cities. Warsaws Old Town is high on the list of tourist attractions as an urban wonder after the 85% war destruction of the historical center. Many of the original brick was used to rebuild during a five-year restoration.
Stroget in Copenhagen is Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping area and a major tourist attraction. The White City in Tel Aviv has the world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings and stands out in its mosaic of gardens and modern architecture. Buildings all have a distance between them and less than a third of a plot is used for the building itself as they are all surrounded by gardens. This tourist attraction is important enough as an urban wonder to have been declared as a World Heritage Site.

The Most Visited Cities in the World

Have you ever wondered where everyone travels to when you see a report from the World Tourism Organization that over a hundred million people went on vacation in a year? In 2012 over a billion tourists travelled internationally to different destinations. We take a look at international tourists and where they prefer to go; not only per city, but which country would you think is the most popular? Most countries have thousands of tourist attractions as well as some has natural wonders, which is everyone’s dream to explore. However we see now which cities are the most popular in regards to tourist attraction:
• As in recent years Paris in France takes the top spot. The tourist attraction that has staying power since it is around from 1889, the Eiffel Tower is a cultural icon that tops all other attractions world-wide.
• Rome – The Colosseum
• New York – Central Park, which stays a popular tourist attraction, but also the Empire State Building among loads of other great attractions.
• Singapore – Gardens by the Bay
• San Francisco – The Golden Gate Bridge
• Hawaii – Waikiki Beach
• Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia
• New York – Times square
• San Diego – Balboa park
• Paris –Arc de Triomphe
• Rome –Trevi Fountain
• Paris – Disneyland
• London – Big Ben
The above cities are just the tip of the iceberg as the list is long and planning a trip to a special destination out of all the wonderful choices tourist have, can be daunting . Tourists all have their own idea of which city are the most exciting and surely do have their main attraction, but keep in mind that all these countries and the others not mentioned in this article has thousands of tourist attractions and natural wonders. Often it is not necessarily the tourist attractions that make a city stand out from all the rest, there is always such natural beauty, wonderful people and great atmosphere that makes some cities stand out from the rest.

Memorable Holidays

Holidays usually only happens once a year and as we all like to plan ahead it is recommended and preferable to know what lies ahead at our destinations. Visiting a foreign country where we do not know the culture is in its own an exciting challenge and to be able to visit the various tourist attractions are the highlight of the visit.
Especially when visiting different cities and not only countries, they often have natural wonders that we specifically go to see for the first time, such as the Grand Canyon and more. These types of tourist attractions are something most of us never experience in our lifetimes, so when planning a yearly excursion to view a natural wonder we want as much information as possible.
Manilapost aims to inform vacationers and tourists on tourist attractions in different destinations around the world and highlight the natural wonders of the world. Some tourists go to visit different natural wonders of the world specifically to explore and discover and not to visit the country in which it is located for any other reason.
You may want to visit Table Mountain in South Africa, which was recently declared a natural wonder and go straight from the Cape Town airport towards the city and with the majestic mountain looming in front of you, you will not even notice the landscape around you. In the city where the mountain is located it takes over everything else as it is everywhere you look. If your visit was intended to view Table Mountain, you can use all of your time exploring the mountain by foot or one of the cable cars.
If you are one of the lucky ones to be able to visit a county as a whole over a longer period, most countries has several natural wonders for you to explore, apart from the thousands of tourist attractions in the different countries that each stands out in its own right.

Tiny Tourist Attractions

The Eiffel Tower. The Taj Mahal. Big Ben. The world’s most impressive monuments tower over us, their sheer size and majesty inspiring awe and wonder. A select few have been so captivated by these soaring monoliths that they have decided to make them their own, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, and all. The result? A world of wee landmarks that both tip their hat to and give us a new perspective on some of the globe’s most iconic sites. From a Lego Mount Rushmore to a tiny homage to Graceland, these mini monuments prove that the best (or at least some rather amusing) things really do come in small packages.

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50 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In The World

Have you ever wondered what tourist attractions and places of interest receive the most visitors worldwide. Well, back in 2007, Forbes Traveler released a ranking of the world’s 50 most visited tourist attractions, This includes both international and domestic tourists. The following list will show you the most popular tourist attractions in the world, based upon the number of visitors. Now obviously those with paid attendance figures will be more precise than those that are free to the public. Some of those listed here are more obvious than others and some may even surprise you.

#1 – Times Square 

New York City, NY, USA

35 million


#2 – National Mall & Memorial Parks 

Washington, D.C., USA

25 million


#3 – Disney World’s Magic Kingdom 

Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA

16.6 million


#4 – Trafalgar Square 

London, England, UK

15 million


#5 – Disneyland Park 

Anaheim, CA, USA

14.7 million


#6 – Niagara Falls 

Ontario, Canada & New York State, USA

14 million

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