Best Tourist Attractions of World

Why do people visit another country? Well, the answer is simple. Traveling is the ultimate way to enjoy with friends and family as well as it is adventurous. Tourism industry is a well established industry because millions of people fly to other countries explore the tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions are such places where people can have ultimate pleasure by exploring historical significance, cultural values, natural or artificial beauties or amusement opportunities. A Tourist attraction can be a monument, a museum, a zoo, a national park, a forest, a waterfall, a cultural event, an attractive beach or island or a building. Actually, it can be anything for which the place is famous.

The reasons why people visit these tourist attractions vary person to person. Some find their interests in the history of a place, while some want to learn the others’ cultures. But most of the tourists want to explore natural beauties of another country.

However, a large number of travelers in these days wish to explore newly discovered, previously unknown places. They want to know about the strange new world, to seek out new civilizations and life that were hidden from us. But there are few such places where no man has gone before.

Take a look at America’s top tourist attractions and the world’s most visited tourist attractions – there are a few surprises in store. With such a wide range of tourist attractions to choose from, you’ll want to get exploring as soon as possible. Don’t forget international travel insurance when you travel overseas.

  1. Central Park NYC: It is one of the most attractive places to the people visiting USA and such a great place for passing the vacation with friends and family. This huge park is located at the center of Manhattan and was designed to be the perfect park of the world. The park boasts several theaters, ice rinks, lakes, baseball field, tennis courts and other facilities.
  2. Niagara Falls: It’s very hard to find someone has not heard about Niagara Falls. It’s a very popular tourist attraction of North America and a perfect place for those tourists who come here to extract pure natural beauty.
  3. Great Pyramid in Egypt: It’s the place for those tourists looking for an amazing vacation filled with history, mystery and wonder. For thousands of years, it is standing as prove of Ancient Egypt and its mystery.
  4. Great Wall of China: China is the third most visited country of the world and if you are visiting China, Great Wall is one that must be seen. It’s one of the world’s magnificent structures.
  5. Taj Mahal in India: It’s a prove that true love exists in the world. Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan in the memory of his wife and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions of the world.